My mom can't wait to spoil this child as only a grandma can!

My Gram was truly the best and she and I had a very special bond. She was a remarkable woman and I am incredibly lucky to have had her in my life. She always called me her Angel and told me I was perfect. She and I used to joke that the perfection skipped a generation and missed my mother. My mother would just laugh at us. I remember sleep overs at my gram’s house; her letting me do things, like getting ice cream late at night, after my parents had already said no; and sitting at her kitchen table just talking about anything and everything we could while she had her coffee. She had an incredible sense of humor that definitely rubbed off on me. After I grew up and lived on my own she would come over and help me fix things and decorate. She had an eye for decorating and where to place furniture and hang pictures. She gave me little trinkets, like a hot plate for my stove, and furniture like a small table for a kitchen area and a hanging cabinet, that I will always hold near and dear to my heart.

My mother simply cannot wait to play this role in your child's life. My entire family is so eager for me to adopt. They are so excited!

After graduating from high school I went to a large City college approximately 4 hours from home. Wow, did I have fun! I love to go back and visit the campus, go to sporting events there, visit my old dorms, and spend time with my friends who still live there. This is a time I will always cherish. I’m looking forward to visiting the campus and my friends there with a baby in the future too. I hope to get your child excited about going to college and I will support him or her in their education. We will have a great time and my friends there are looking forward to me introducing your child to their own children to and creating special memories.

While miles may separate us, we still get together as much as possible. My brother Michael often eats over at my house once or twice a week- whether it’s cooking out on the grill on my deck or ordering from our favorite local restaurant. Dinner at my place has become a thing we do. Michael will be a wonderful Uncle and role model for your child. My mom is here often as well- cooking with me or just hanging out. I see my brother George, who is also eager to be a really involved Uncle and role model, and his wife, Lisa and their kids my niece Elizabeth and nephew Liam at least weekly, or sometimes daily, depending on what everyone has going on. Whether it’s a dinner at my place, dinner on their patio, taking his kids swimming at my community pool, or taking my niece and nephew someplace fun like the zoo or just to a soccer practice, we’re spending time together. All that is missing is a child for me to add to this mix!

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I am so ready to be a mom

I am the oldest of 4 children and I am also the only girl. I grew up in a small town, on a quiet side street with my brothers, David, George, and Michael. My grandma, Jean and my grandpa, Edgar lived around the corner from us and my Grammy, Marie, lived in the next town over. I have wonderful memories of playing outside, riding our bikes to the playground, playing on the town soccer team and softball team, swimming in my grandma and grandpa’s pool, sledding down the hills at the local parks during the winter after a good snow storm and so many more warm childhood memories. I hope to create such an environment for your child. Memories like this are what I look forward to sharing with your child.

Please call or text Jess anytime 1-800-990-7667

Please call or text Jess anytime 1-800-990-7667

I hope by reading more about me, I’ll put your mind at ease and will give you a great deal of reassurance about the decision you are making, the type of person I am, and the life I would so gratefully provide for your child. I promise to do everything in my power to encourage and support your child to help him or her thrive and flourish. I am so grateful that you are considering me as you make this important decision.

Holidays & Celebrations

For as long as I can remember, our family holidays and birthday celebrations have been about having as much of our family get together as possible. One thing is for sure, there are plenty of laughs and we are loud. Growing up, we had a Christmas tradition with my Gram where she would come to our house on Christmas morning to open gifts. Of course, the children were not allowed downstairs until our Gram got there and my dad made coffee. Looking back on it, I’m pretty sure both my Gram and my dad took their time on Christmas morning just to draw out our anticipation of opening our gifts. It always used to seem like we would wait forever to be able to open our gifts and we would then spend maybe 3 minutes tearing wrapping paper off of the boxes. My mother, we used to always joke, would pick out the tallest Christmas tree possible and we used to have to set up the tree next to the stairs as that is the only place the ceiling was high enough for the tree to stand. We collected our ornaments year after year and my Grammy passed some down to us.


Even now when we can’t always get together in person, we’re still celebrating. Birthdays and holidays always have our family together, in one way or another. Zoom has become a great tool for us all to meet virtually and celebrate together. Whether we just all want to catch up, or we’re celebrating a Holiday like Thanksgiving and not everyone can be there in person, or it’s someone’s birthday, we will get together on Zoom. We’ll sing happy birthday, talk about our weekend plans, talk about one of my nephews’ games they just played in, and in general talk about what’s going on. I’ve found moments like this to be something I really treasure. Everyone would adore seeing an additional little one on our Zoom calls.

Raising A Child

I will always be your child's unconditional, unbreakable support system so that your child can feel the freedom to be creative, resilient and feels free to become anything he or she wants. I believe that education is very important, but I also understand that growth and learning varies from child to child and that's okay. I will teach he or she that no matter which path he or she chooses, I will always be here as their biggest cheerleader, sounding board, and safety net. I know it takes a village to raise a child, and I am so fortunate to have so many friends and family nearby who can't wait to help and be a part of your child's life.

Thank You!

Thank you for spending the time you did reading and learning about me. I hope this has given you a sense of who I am as a person and the type of mother I will be and the unconditionally loving family your child will have and how cherished he or she will be. I hope this has helped you to learn about my values and the kind of life your child would have.

If I am given the privilege to adopt your baby, always know that I will unconditionally love and cherish your child and they will forever know the sacrifices you have made out of love. I would be honored to learn more about you and the dreams and aspirations you have for your child.  

If you have any questions about me or the legal process, please feel free to contact my attorney, Suzanne Nichols. She will be happy to speak with you and is very nice and easy to talk to.

Thank you for considering me as a parent for your child.

Whatever decision you make, I wish you nothing but the best.

Love, Jess

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About me

I love children and have always longed to devote my life to raising a child. I live in the New Jersey suburbs, just outside of New York City. The town I live in is very diverse with a vibrant culture. My home is located in a small, gated community and it has a clubhouse and community pool. I live at the end of a cul de sac with woods across from me. There are a lot of children in my area and they love to see the wildlife (rabbits, squirrels and deer) that live in the area. I have two of the most gentle dogs, Dakota, a black lab and Lexi, a rescue that is part lab and part Australian Shepard. The children in the neighborhood love visiting with my dogs and throwing tennis balls for them or giving them treats! Can you envision your child joining the group? I hope so!

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Valid home study approved

Expenses paid

Play time & Baking

My nephew Liam, niece Elizabeth, and I have started a tradition of baking together. They love to bake a cake when they come over to my house and we buy food dye so they get to pick the color that the cake and the icing will be. My nephew, Liam, and niece, Elizabeth, love to play with the dinosaurs and Match Box cars I have for them at my house. My niece, Elizabeth, also has dolls and books that we play with. They have their own play table with storage drawers set up in my family room, so their toys are always accessible. They both love to sleep over too! My dogs Lexi and Dakota love when my nephew, Liam, and niece, Elizabeth, come over, as they get extra treats and special kiddie love. I know Dakota and Lexi will be terrific with a baby in the house.

Home Life ... Is The Best Life 

To me, my home is my happy place and I find pleasure in the simple things like cooking, listening to music, walking my dogs, talking to my neighbors, or watching a show on tv. My home is the perfect place to create fun and amazing memories with a child and I know he or she will love it as much as I do.

Hi! My name is Jessica.

I am so grateful that you are taking the time to get to know me. I hope that my letter will give you a better picture of the person I am and the unconditionally, loving adoring family I have and their excitement to embrace and welcome your child. I know that if you are reading this, you have a serious decision to make and I want you to know how grateful I am to be considered as an adoptive parent of your child. The fact that you are considering adoption tells me just how incredibly loving, courageous, and selfless you are. Only such a person could be considering an adoption plan for their child. I am truly inspired by the love you have for your baby. I know that it takes a very strong, brave, and loving person to consider adoption and I know that you are making one of, if not the most, important decisions in your life.

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Family & Friends

While we may all be grown up now, most of my family is still nearby. I am very fortunate that my mom lives next door to me and to have a lot of my family and friends close to me. They are my people. They are my support system as well as a constant source of laughter, love, joy, smiles, and adventure. My family and friends, no matter where they are, will always play a large part and be involved in mine and your child’s life. My mom, Cathy, lives right next door to me. My father, John, lives two towns away from me. My brother Michael lives one town away from me. My brother George and his wife Lisa live two towns away from me with their children (my nephew and nieces), and my brother David and his wife Pam live out West with their children (my nephews). My aunt Mary Lou and my Uncle Sam both live in Florida, giving me a great reason to visit sunny Florida often. My aunt Mary Lou, who teaches ballet, is hoping that she will be able to take this little one to her school one day so they can see what she does in person. My Uncle Sam, loves music, and looks forward to teaching your child all about the old Rock-n-Roll groups. Everyone cannot wait to welcome a new member to our family!

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Why I want to be a mom

I know in my heart I was meant to be a mom. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to be a mother. I have always dreamed of it and I am looking forward to the day my dream finally comes true. I am a kind, caring, loving person and I know I will be a terrific mother. I am excited for my nephews and nieces to have another cousin they can spend time with. I’m looking forward to visits to the Zoo, walking my dogs with a baby in my neighborhood, having a child decorating gingerbread houses at Thanksgiving with their cousins and eating too many sweets. Traditions, celebrations, and everyday life events are things I am looking forward to. Believe it or not, I am also looking forward to sleepless nights, wiping runny noses, kissing a skinned knee, endlessly busy schedules, getting to school on time, guiding a cranky teenager, filling out college applications, and helping a child to feel loved and secure when frightened, shy, or insecure. I’m looking forward to all of it!

​I am blessed to have a flexible schedule, an amazing support network, and to be financially secure. I am ready to love a child unconditionally and for them to be my family and my everything!

Why I'm Financially Secure

It came as no surprise to anyone in my family that I went into real estate. For as long as I can remember, helping people has been something I have always enjoyed. Whether it's helping someone find somewhere to live, helping someone look at schools for the children, or helping someone pick out materials and decorations for their home. I have a successful career and work from home. I am my own boss but have a large company behind me with excellent security and benefits and they are a big supporter of single parents.

When I am not with family and friends, I like to volunteer and give back to the community. It makes me really happy. I get lost in the moment and don't think about anything else. I plan to volunteer in the community with the child I adopt too.

Please call or text Jess anytime 1-800-990-7667

Please call or text Jess anytime 1-800-990-7667

I have a very successful career in real estate and I truly enjoy it. I love that it's a very flexible career so I can be a completely present mom. I am my own boss so I make my own hours and a little one is always welcome to join me. I love that, in real estate, I meet people and help them find their dream home. I also love walking through a house and looking at all of the detail and craftsmanship. Moldings, hardwood floors, door styles, trim work.... little details that most people don't notice or pay attention to fascinate me. I enjoy helping people fix up homes and I do that too. Picking out bathroom tiles, light fixtures, paint colors, floor styles and colors, house siding styles and colors, are all things that I love to do. I'm good at it too, I know that!

Together we'll give your baby an incredible future filled with mountains of love, world travel, large birthday celebrations, lots of sports, big family Christmas celebrations, beautiful home, adoring grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.

Family time!

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Matching Christmas PJ's

Family holidays are still a thing for us and we usually spend Thanksgiving and Christmas out West. We all try to fly in and spend at least a week together during these holidays. Not only are there a lot of laughs amongst us, but there is a lot of love. Those times are a very special time for my family and I hope to be lucky enough to share in this joy with your child.

Special Christmas Ornaments

I treasure these special ornaments and look forward to decorating my tree with a child and having them love Christmas as much as I do. Our stockings were hand knitted with our names and would hang on the dining room fireplace mantle. My mother, the expert knitter, can’t wait to start the stocking for the newest addition I hope to be lucky enough to adopt.

Fun times with little ones

I currently have 3 nephews and one niece, with a 2nd niece on the way. Owen, Luke, Liam, and Elizabeth are my loves. I am the godmother for two of them and love getting to spend the time with them that I do. Creating memories with them is something I try to do, memories like I have with my own aunt and uncle. My nephews and niece can't wait for another cousin and are always asking me when I will adopt a baby. I have told them I’m working on it!

Travel - Local & Abroad 
I have a passion for travel and travel often. Now that traveling is safe again, I look forward to traveling after adopting so that your child can see the world with me and have new adventures. I also love that I don't have to go far to enjoy museums, zoos, shows, and summer activities that my community offers. I am excited to introduce different types of life experiences to your child.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Our Thanksgiving Dinner celebrations used to be even larger than Christmas! If family friends did not have any family nearby, then they were at our house celebrating with us. Our door was and STILL is open. I think that is one reason why family holidays are so important to me. I can assure you that your child will grow up in a love filled home, surrounded by family and friends at all times.

We like to be silly

Making Gingerbread House on Thanksgiving

We’ve started a tradition of making gingerbread houses at Thanksgiving. Of course, there’s more candy and decorations that end up being eaten by them instead of being put on the gingerbread house, but I love every minute. We’ve started a Christmas tradition where all of the cousins wear matching pajamas on Christmas Eve. It’s so cute to see them together. We all can’t wait to have an extra set of pajamas to buy for your little one.

Sports are fun!

My nephews, Owen and Luke, are a little older, so the time I spend with them normally involves watching them play in their sporting events, going to the pool with them, going to a football game with them, and them cooking dinner for me (they love to show off what they can make). They have told me they are ready to come over and play with your baby and are already calling dibs on who gets to first. They are also looking forward to teaching the baby how to cook, that is when they are old enough. Watching them grow up has been an incredibly amazing thing for me to see and I hope to be able to experience that with your child.

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